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About Us 

In our everyday life, we come across a wide range of items that are made up of plastic, a synthetically moulded compound. The best of the plastic is that it can be easily blended with different types of the compound to get the desired level of strength and flexibility. It is this reason; plastic moulded products can be found almost everywhere. We, Alka Enterprises, a reputed Manufacturer, brings forth a wide variety of Automotive Body for Door Lock Latches for diverse industrial segments. Our product range encompasses Plastic Molded Automotive Parts, Plastic Molded Automobile Products, Body Latches, Metal Insert Molding and more. These products have been produced using premium quality plastic while following the industrial standards of quality and norms. We were established in the year 1981, and since then we have been moving at great pace to deliver outstanding plastic molded products to our valued clients. We are equipped with Automatic and Semi-Automatic manufacturing machines that enables us to produce 40 Lakh Parts of different varieties on monthly basis. As a result, we efficiently cater to the requirement of prestigious clients of the market such as Shivani Looks Pvt. Ltd., Venus Ind. Corporation, and more. 

Know More about Plastic Molding Process

Plastic, a synthetically molded compound is found everywhere from Home to Office and Kitchen to Bedroom. Products made up of plastic as common as bottles to door hinges are now so much a part our life that we cannot even imagine doing without them. Here, each plastic part undergoes a molding process to take the desired shape. Mainly, there are 8 types of molding process; however given below 5 plastic molding processes are used industry-wide:
  • Injection Molding: This is the oldest plastic molding technique in which molten plastic is put into a mold cavity and when it cools, it takes the shape of the mold
  • Blow Molding: The process is same as above, however, in here, hot liquid plastic is poured vertically into the molten tube. This process is followed to make bottles jars, and containers. 
  • Compression Molding: A slug of hard plastic is kept and then vertically pressed by two hot mold halves and then air-cooled. This molding process is used for making equipment. 
  • Rotation Molding: Powdered plastic is put into hollow molds and secured into spokes having a pipe shape, which is extended to a central hub. Molds are rotated on a separate axis once in a closed furnace due to which, powdered plastic melts and takes the shapes of the tool, which is then moved to a cooling room. 
  • Thermoforming: In this process, hard plastic pre-extruded plastic sheets are horizontally heated and put through the hollow tool. Once the molten plastic cools down, it takes the shape of the mold

Benefits of Buying from Us 

From robust manufacturing facility to stringent quality control team, we have everything to make the buying experience successful for you. We have a team of professionals, who carry out every business process with utmost dedication, ensuring high-value service for the customers. Here are some of the business benefits you receive from us:

  • High-quality products: We design and develop durable and dimensionally accurate plastic automobile parts and other plastic molded parts in conformance with the industry standards
  • Quality-assurance: Our products come with quality assurance, as they are severely checked on different parameters, before delivery. 
  • On time delivery: On-time delivery is assured to each of our clients. 
  • Sound Support: The Business process has been kept transparent and sound support is guaranteed to every client.